Saturday, November 8, 2008

A True Lesbian Fairytale(60 Years of Fairy Dust)

Once upon a time there were two little girls. One was named BrownEyes and one was named BlueEyes. On the day Browneyes was born, she and BlueEyes were the subject of the Fairy Godmother's Annual Meeting.

No one really knows where Fairy Godmother's Annual Meetings are held. We know for a fact they must be held high above the earth because once in a great while the minutes of their meetings fall out of the Queen Godmother's brief case and are carried to the earth by soft faith winds. If they fall in a just the right meadow the news becomes told among all the little people.
Here is the way it was told to me: It was May of 1939 and the Queen Godmother was assigning new god children to "Goldie”, a Fairy godmother of some experience.

The Queen Godmother spoke, "Goldie, you have an exciting and challenging assignment. Do you see the baby BrownEyes being born in Michigan today?"

"Yes, Yes, I do. " Goldie had very good eyes.

"Now do you see the little girl named BlueEyes in Chemung, Illinois? She is right down there and she is roller-skating on a hill by a church."

Oh, yes. She is coming into view at the corner."

"Goldie, your assignment is to see that they fall in love at the end of 1999 and they meet in January of 2000."

"What!! Queen godmother that is a 60-year assignment. Er, excuse me --do I understand you correctly? How can this be? You know I take my assignment seriously, but I can't believe that you would give an assignment that would last that long. Most of my other godmother duties end at age 16 or 18. These women will be old women by then."

The Queen Godmother smiled. "For someone who has been around for centuries I find your reaction amusing. These women will each grow up in their respective states where they were born. They will only be separated by Lake Michigan and a little land, but they will never meet until they are in their sixties. They will both marry men, they will both have children, and they will each have a child that dies. BlueEyes will leave Illinois and move to Colorado."

"Queen Godmother, that will make me travel back and forth between Michigan and Colorado for over sixty years. I will need to have so much Fairy dust that I will need fairy dust stops far more than usual. And one other thing did you misspeak when you said, "they would fall in love and then meet?"

"My Dear Goldie, I have never heard you offer so many excuses. Do not worry about the fairy dust stops. You have always been a godmother noted for your great patience. I chose you particularly for this assignment. In 60 years surely, you will figure a way for them to meet. You see, Goldie, these are very special women. These women are artists and writers. But this is not what makes them special.

They will fall in love because of their writing. They have great gifts they must share with each other because they will be searching for each other all of their adult lives. In all of their searching, loss and love there will is one thing that will keep them special. It is because of their hearts. In their lives, they will manage to keep there 16 or 18 year old hearts."

Goldie’s face had softened and her puzzlement had disappeared.
She said,” Really, Queen Godmother, this hardly ever happens, does it?"

"Sadly, that is true. No one really needs to lose us out of his or her life but suddenly they stop calling on us. Soon their young hearts are gone. Goldie, be sure you don't spare the Fairy dust. They will both have hardships and great losses. They will need you spreading your Fairy dust and whispering childlike encouragement in their dreams."

So it was in the next 60 years, Goldie carried fairy dust to the highs and the lows of Browneyes and BlueEyes lives. They continued to keep their hearts in the 16 or 18-year-old time frame. Goldie was amazed the time had moved by so swiftly.
In 1999 she sprinkled Fairy dust on their heads. They each thought they had a great idea-----when they wrote to Golden Threads, a safe letter writing organization for lesbians who want to write to each other. In the months that followed they wrote to each other. They talked thru letters; they ironed out differences and they fell in love. Goldie’s work was done. Goldie smiled.The Queen Godmother is going to be so proud when Goldie accepts her "Godmother of the Millennium" Award at the 2000 Annual Godmother's Meeting.
Goldie will know she had done a good job for BrownEyes and BlueEyes.

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