Monday, November 17, 2008


Are you a dreamer? I don't mean an "apple pie in the sky" dreamer but a person that can look way beyond themselves and see possibilities that can only be sought by effective dreaming.
Columbus, Ben Franklin, Edison, Henry Ford, and many more were effective dreamers and the things they brought to our history and lives made such a difference.

I believe the most remarkable dreamers are those that dreamed about outer space and then were able to go there.

As children growing up in the mid-west, there were hot summer nights; no air conditioning, no fans. We would sit or lay on blankets in the yard until the house would cool.

As the darkness settled around us, we star gazed. We children always talked about who lived in outer space? Was there a man in the moon? It fascinated us and it was an endless source of fun. We never doubted that it was possible.We must have been like other children over the centuries that have dreamed about space.

As we became adults it seemed just childish thoughts. In February of 1962,John Glenn,Jr. was the first American astronaut to circle the earth. We had a new hero.

I remembered being glued to the TV as we landed on the moon. How much better could it get?
It did get better and as Americans we became used to manned space flights and just accepted them as part of the 6 o'clock news. How sad that as a country we have become blase' about so many things. Thank God for those effective dreamers that continue to look outside themselves to accomplish impossible dreams or the mission to Mars would never have taken place.

I find this mission so exciting. Imagine a seven month trip traveling at 12,000 miles an hour.
The Pathfinder left December 4th 1996 and arrived on July 4th 1997. A coincidence? I think the timing was well planned as anything about the entire flight. An Independence Day in space? Why not?

What about that plucky little rover? Rolling around the "red" planet like an American on a mission ; sending its information on 186,000 miles per second radio signals. Information returning to earth in 10 minutes. How thrilling since its flight took months to get there.

Effective Dreamers. Wouldn't life be boring with out them?

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