Friday, November 28, 2008

I gotta tell you this one.

My friend Peggy, has "funny" things happen to her. They are not awful things or earth shaking things they are just plain "funny." Peggy is a single mom and she prides herself on running a tight ship when it comes to taking good care of her home and teenage daughter.

One morning around 5 am Peggy was awakened by a loud crash coming from her living room. She lay there a moment trying to determine whether she had heard a noise or perhaps dreamed it. About that time her daughter came in and said in aloud whisper, "Mom,Mom, there is someone sleeping on our living room couch!!"

Peggy grabbed a robe and peeked in her living room sure enough---someone appeared to be sleeping on her couch. He was someone that they didn't know. She and her daughter tiptoed through the slightly open patio door to the patio and called the police while observing their unwelcome intruder.

The 911 dispatcher asked if he was breathing. Peggy said,"Well, I guess so, he sure is hiccuping and burping a lot."

The police arrived and tried to awaken the young man. He was reportedly high on marijuana and had been drinking. Peggy listened as the officers tried to awaken their unwanted guest. He again passed out. The officers continued to try to get him awake and on his feet. He continued to burp and hiccup. They were finally successful in taking the unknown intruder away.

The officer called later and told Peggy the man had thought he was walking into his friends house when he staggered into Peggy's house and collapsed on the couch, knocking a picture off the wall. He walked right in because they had let their dog out and had not replaced their patio door rod. Bet that won't happen again.

Peggy finished her account and I said, "Peggy, that was awful. Were you scared that someone had broken into your house?"

"With all that hiccuping, the worst part for me was I was afraid he was going to throw up on my new couch!!!"

Lucky for him, he didn't.

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