Monday, November 10, 2008


Lady Love and I had "writers weekend" August 12th,2003 in Mesick,Mi. and this is the piece I wrote for us.

The couple rocked in the same unison as the ticking of the clock. Each were in their own chair but the rhythm remained in the same steadfast unison----one would think the rockers were one.
They held hands. The gnarled and knotty fingers intertwined like the "love roots" of two rose bushes planted too close together. With such roses, the roots reach out like groping tentacles and soon appear to become one. So it was with this couple. The life experiences, love experiences and parallel events that brought them together made them one.

For many,many years they both held tightly to their own roots. The odds seemed very remote that this couple would ever be able to find each other. After all,they were beyond middle age ; they were 1300 miles apart. Can roses that some gardeners would call "faded" over come such obstacles ? Let alone have the opportunity to become entwined in a romantic love that they both had been looking for.

This couple had things in their lives that were cause for change. Each were experiencing the same thing---loneliness. They both yearned for the right person to come into their life and they knew that this could not be left to chance. They must value time;they must each pick a direction and go for it!!

Each of these individuals knew of an organization that would introduce them to a pen pal of sorts--with a degree of safety.

Unknown to them an other parallels were to take place. They both wrote to the same organization the same day; they read each others information and both thought ,"MMmmm a writer,interested in art, I think I'll write to this address."

They did write to each other and this began a courtship by letter ; falling in love by letter; arguing over their differences by letter. Not the usual relationship??? This is not your usual couple.

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