Monday, February 9, 2009


Prior to my last knee surgery Lady Love and I had numerous discussions why we probably should look to place Murphy with some one who would suit him and his energy. But I was hoping for him to improve in his behavior and we had invested so much time and money into him. He had made some very good changes in his personality but he still would jump on our very senior neighbors and almost always knocked my daughter -in-law down.
So during my three month therapy I continued to stew about Murphy. A man that was also taking therapy had a bad fall and things were looking bleak for a good recovery. I thought about what would happen if Murphy knocked me down. I talked with my therapist and she was adamant about being careful. She had two knee replacements herself (she was in her early 40’s).

I began talking with other people and deciding more and more that we must find a new home for Murphy. I printed up this flyer and began handing them out to people that might know someone that was looking for this energetic dog:


Murphy is a three 1/2 year old Bishon. He is a rescue dog and all of his bad habits were (we believe from what we could glean out of his history) are from from a kind of neglect of being shut in the laundry room and left while the family went to work. Bishons are very social. His first owners were a young couple. He seems to relate to men and if they wear baseball caps he really loves them.

Outstanding traits: Housebroken, enormous energy, sweet puppy personality,gets along with most cats. He and the cats romp thru the house like a tornado. He is good natured with most people. He has a very big bark but would hold a flashlight for a burglar. He is only aggressive if he becomes frightened. He travels well and we have a safety car belt and he loves to ride in the car. He loves to sit in my lap even if I don’t have a very big lap. He does not shed. He is a clean dog with good breath. Murphy needs a fenced in yard.

If you are not familiar with Bishon--they have “buzzes”. They have so much energy that they run in circles and bark. This is normal behavior for them. It is a sort of “self exercising” process built into their personality. We let Murphy go as wild as he wants out side but in the winter we stop him after 4 times around the dining room table.
When a Bishon is in a “buzz” he just saying he is happy and everything is all right in his world. He also may be trying to engage you in play. A Bishons favorite place to sleep is on your bed.

Less desirable traits: Absolutely EVERYTHING is a game with Murphy. If he steals your socks ---this means “chase me!” He has never met a kleenex or piece of toilet paper that didn’t deserve to be chewed. He steals pill bottles,Elmer's glue,chewed my printer software. white out, the list goes on. His taste in chewable items is unlimited. He loves a waste basket with any choice of garbage. He jumps on every one. He steals pens and will chew them up if he has time. We have had Murphy for two years and a half and he really has improved a great deal. We took him to training school. That did help when I could walk him every day. He had all ready been to training school and he “heeled” when we got him. He responded to the man teaching the class and would come home and behave awful.
Over the last two years we have repeatedly noticed that he loves men and responds to them very well. He behaves when my son comes --Lady Love’s stepson spent three days with us in the fall and he behaved while Brian was here. We had a sprinkler put in this summer and he loved all those men. Our pastor stopped in and his remark was, “This dog is a boy’s dog!” He responded to our pastor and he has had some experience with training dogs.
It has taken us two years to realize what he was telling us. He needs a man in his life. The rescue person did say that the young man in his life did like the dog alot and was sorry to give him up.
Lady Love and I care a great deal about Murphy but we are not suited to each others respective personalities. We are admittedly too old to give him the attention he needs. We lead too quiet a life style.
WE have agonized over this for several months and---we of course have become increasingly more attached to this smiling bundle of energy. BUT WE KNOW WE MUST DO WHAT IS BEST FOR MURPHY!
We take our responsibility toward Murphy very seriously. We would like to make a request to any one choosing him--if they do not want the dog. Please do not take him to the Humane Society. Call us and we will try to place him with some one that will take this little guy that has already been placed twice.


Murphy was placed with a teacher, a taller, larger women which, of course,he fell in love with her immediately and she with him. She took him on Friday night for the weekend for a tryout. She already had an aging Dachsund and Murphy played very carefully with him as he did with Kitana. He hopped in the teacher’s SUV and never looked back.

We were happy about placing him ourselves and felt we had a wonderful 2 1/2 years with this peppy pup but we were so happy to hand the challenges we had with him over to some one younger and more able to fit his needs. Murphy Muldoon has a wonderful personality. And we sadly miss him.
Lady Love and I shared teary eyes almost daily and the cats looked for him. They ran thru the house hoping that Murphy would jump out and run with them.

P.S. He gets to sleep in his new mistresses bed. What a life for Murphy Muldoon!!!!

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